May 30, 2010

Deal Alert! Lotions & Potions & Puffs at Target!

Moving into the new house, painting and laying new tile is taking up so much of my time these days. I just had to take a minute to share this great find from Target. Hopefully your Target will have this too!

At the end of the lotion/razor aisle on the end cap (the end by the paper towels), there are zippered pouches (most were purple) they were $4.48 and in them they have:

A Venus Embrace razor
An 8.4 oz. Olay Quench Body Lotion
A 12 oz. Olay Quench Body Wash
A shower puff

12 oz Dove Body Wash
8.5 oz Dove Body Lotion
1 4.25 oz Dove Beauty Bar
1 3 oz. Body Mist
A shower puff

3 18 oz. bottles of Caress Body Wash
Shower puff

So, that means for $31.00 and change I got:

7 Shower puffs
4 Venus Embrace Razors
4 Quench Lotion
4 Quench Body Wash
3 Caress Body Wash
2 Dove Body Wash
2 Dove Body Lotion
2 Dove Beauty Bars
2 Dove Body Mist

I kept one Olay and the Caress for myself - the rest are destined for the gift giving pile!

Till next time...
The Coupon Connoisseur
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