October 20, 2012

Fuel Rewards Network Spin To Save!!

The price of gas just keeps rising doesn't it? In the past it has just been one of those things you had live with. Well, not anymore! Now you CAN bring down the price at the pump by doing things you do every day...shopping, dining out etc. With Fuel Rewards you save .05 per gallon for every $50 you spend. 

The best part? The Fuel Rewards are calculated on your pre-coupon total! Yep, that's right! For example, if your total is $200 at the grocery store and you bring it down to $50 by using coupons you are still going to save .20 off a gallon! You can also earn Fuel Rewards by dining out, shopping online, redeeming e-coupons and more! Learn all about the ways to earn by clicking here.

Unlike some grocery store gas station offers where you have to use it the same day you shop, you have  a full month to use your Fuel Rewards after earning them. 

Recently, I filled up for just $1.98 a gallon!! This is a picture I took at the pump....just under 20 gallons of gas for under $40!

 Ready to start saving on gas? It's EASY....and here's a fun way to get started.

Play the Spin To Save game by clicking here and you'll get .05 to .25 off a gallon to get you started! You get 3 spins and you can lock in your savings at any time. Sign up is quick and easy and they'll mail the card right to your door.

Fuel Rewards are currently available in these states:

Rhode Island
Washington DC

Till next time... The Coupon Connoisseur
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