June 28, 2010

Right on Target, No sugar added!

There are a lot of people who firmly believe the myth that coupons are only for processed, high sugar junk food. I get exhausted from hearing and reading about this myth. So, today's post is an example of how you can get a great deal on household and personal care items etc. with coupons.

Today at Target I bought:

One 24 ct. box WetJet pad refills $11.49
One Air Wick Aqua Mist air freshener $1.99
Two Swiffer Sweeper 2 in 1 Starter kits $8.54 each
Swiffer Wet Jet liquid refill double pack $8.74
Two Oil of Olay body wash $4.97 each
Four 40 oz. bottles Heinz ketchup $1.00 each
Two 10-packs of  Ivory bar soap $3.97 each

I used the following coupons:
Two $2.00 off Swiffer Sweeper starter kit - Target Store coupon from the 5/16 Smart Source circular
Two buy Swiffer Sweeper get Swiffer refill free coupon from the Home Made Simple Decor Done Right Coupon Book
Two $4.00 off Olay Total Effects Body Wash coupons from the 6/6 Procter&Gamble circular
Two buy Olay Total Effects Body Wash get Ivory Body wash, bar soap or hand soap free from the 6/6 Procter&Gamble circular
One $2.50 off Air Wick Aqua Mist from the 6/20 Smart Source circular

Total after coupons was $22.88, not bad - but I'll make it even better when I send in for the Swiffer Refill Rebate. I'll get $10.00 back for "buying" more than $20.00 of Swiffer refills. That will make my final cost for all of that just $12.88! Without coupons the WetJet refills alone would have been almost that much! 

This trip is also a great example of how you can combine coupons & rebates to save even more money. Almost all rebates will accept your cash register receipt for the pre-coupon purchase price requirement. In this case, I will have paid nothing out of pocket for the refills, yet I will still qualify for the $10.00 rebate. Always read the fine print on any rebate carefully. Once in a while you may run across one that is computed on the post-coupon price.

The Home Made Simple Decor Done Right coupon book is full of great coupons, and will show up in your mailbox quickly. The coupons don't expire until October so go here and get yourself one!

The last thing that I want to make note of about this trip is the ketchup. You'll notice I didn't mention anything about having a coupon for the ketchup. That is because I didn't have one! Gasp! The Coupon Connoisseur bought something she didn't have a coupon for? You bet - and here's why. My personal best price on a 24 oz. bottle of Hunt's ketchup is 80 cents (in fact I've never paid more than that for it in two years). Right now many Target stores have the 40 oz. bottles of Heinz on sale for $1.00, but there aren't any current Heinz coupons. If you break it down, my usual purchase with coupons for the smaller bottles works out to 3 cents an ounce. Here I'm only paying 2 cents an ounce with no coupons by buying the Heinz. The lesson here is that sometimes you can find a bargain even without a coupon and you should never pass up a rock bottom price like that in hopes of getting a better deal down the road.

Till next time...
The Coupon Connoisseur

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