March 29, 2010

A quick stack 'em & crack 'em deal at Jewel Osco!

So, this deal started out with my desire to stock up on some Langers Cranberry Cocktail juice while its on sale. I really like this brand, its not as sweet as some of the bigger "name" brands. Regular price is $2.49, its on sale in the current Jewel ad for $1.99 and the ad has a store coupon for a free dozen eggs when you buy 2. Ok...I can live with that. But, with Easter coming up this weekend I just can't have enough eggs! So I'll throw another dozen into the deal, on sale for $1.39. Well, by doing that now I can stack that store coupon with the FREE 2-Liter of Big Red or Diet Big Red soda when you buy 2 dozen eggs from the 3/28 SS. Now, I'm getting two 64 oz. bottles of cranberry juice, 2 dozen eggs and a 2-liter of soda for $5.37. That means I'm getting 2 dozen eggs, plus the soda for about .39 more than I would be paying for the cranberry juice at the regular price.

Now, obviously this isn't the greatest deal you may ever see on juice or eggs, but it is a good example of stacking coupons, and getting a little something extra for FREE when you are buying something you need (like eggs for Easter!) So...."hop" to it!  You can always use that cranberry juice to make a nice Cosmopolitan to take the edge off when you are scrubbing Easter egg dye off the kitchen floor. (I don't know anyone with little ones who hasn't had to do this at least once!!)

Till next time...
The Coupon Connoisseur

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