July 27, 2010

McDonald's Free Smoothie Peelie Coupon!!

Some chains cancel a freebie event and find themselves in the midst of a class action lawsuit. I'm talking about you KFC. As a great man once blogged, when others are wrong they say they are wrong. McDonald's is going out of their way to show us how sorry they are for being wrong.

Yesterday, I told you about the printable coupon for $1 off a Smoothie or Frappe at McDonald's. Today, they have upped the ante. Purchase a large soda (or sweet tea) and your cup will have a "peelie" coupon for a free Smoothie. I just called my local McDonald's to confirm their participation (as should you before heading out). Not only are they participating, the large drinks are on their dollar menu! Price including tax...$1.09 gets me a large soda (sweet tea in my case) AND a free Smoothie? I'm LOVING IT!

Coupons are good through August 15th, and are good beginning two hours after the visit in which you receive them. Kudos to you McDonald's for turning this one around! 

Till next time...
The Coupon Connoisseur

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