August 07, 2010

Free Post-It Super Sticky Notes at Target starting 8/8

If you just can't wait for your free sample of Post-It Super Sticky notes to arrive, you are in luck. Head on over here and print a coupon for $1.00 off  Super Sticky notes. Starting on Sunday, 8/8 these are going on sale at Target for $1.00. You know what that means!! Yep, free Post-It notes. This is an even better deal if your state is participating in the Sales Tax Holiday

As a reminder, if you are planning on stocking up (and why wouldn't you?!), you can print multiples of this coupon. The coupon is good for one per purchase. If you have one of those cashiers who is confused about whether or not you can use multiples of these at once the explanation is simple. You smile, point to each packet of Post-Its and say very nicely, yes...I'm purchasing this one...and this one...and this one all in the same transaction. There is a difference in a "purchase" and a "transaction". You "purchase" each item, the act of paying for them is the "transaction".

Have you found a great deal on school supplies? Drop me a "note" and let me know.

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The Coupon Connoisseur

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