August 09, 2010

Free McDonald's Frappe or Jamba Juice Smoothie - You Pick!

 In this corner, weighing in at 12 oz. we have the Jamba Juice made with real whole fruit and no preservatives. this corner weighing in at 12 oz. we have the McDonald's Wildberry smoothie made with...fruit puree and some other stuff you can read about here.  Jamba Juice is fighting back in the battle for your smoothie business. It seems they stay out of the burger business, and they would like it if McDonald's stayed out of the smoothie business. 

Remember the $1 off McDonald's Frappe or Smoothie coupon I told you  about here. And the peelies for free smoothies I told you about here? Jamba Juice is now honoring all of those McDonald's Smoothie coupons...even the free ones. Click here for all the details. If you don't have the McDonald's coupons, you can still get the printable coupon for $1.00 off a Jamba Juice smoothie that I shared with you here.

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The Coupon Connoisseur

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