August 12, 2010

Starbucks Doubleshot Plus Energy Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Just the other day I told you that Starbucks has gotten a little too pricey for me.  Seems as though I may not be the only one who feels this way. Starbucks has just released a Buy One Get One Free printable coupon for their Doubleshot Energy + Coffee drinks. I'm a big fan of the Starbucks Doubleshots, but have never tried the "Plus Energy" ones. Looks like this is the perfect time to try them!

You can get your coupon here and also get some free business cards courtesy of Starbucks. Simply choose a design & input your information. You can print them yourself, or they will mail them to you. - I opted to have them mailed to me.

Till next time...
The Coupon Connoisseur

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